The back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton are a heart-breaking reminder that these incidents can happen anywhere. Our hearts and prayers are with the families, friends, and communities that are the latest to suffer from this epidemic plaguing our country. These shootings are a solemn reminder of why the Florida Chamber of Commerce created the Institute for a Safer Florida to identify ways to make our schools and workplaces safer. We won’t rest until solutions are discovered that can be implemented across Florida and beyond. For more information and to join the effort, visit us at .


  1. That attitude is part of the reason I moved here and don’t plan on leaving….we feel very safe living here!!! And if we can keep people in our local government like DeSantis, Rubio and Gaetz, we are going to be okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Background checks
    Mental health priority
    No automatic guns issued

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